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The Ariel Motorcycles below were owned originally by AJ. Now rebuilt Tom has added them to his collection. The cast-iron Square Four is the motorcycle that set the record at Bonneville in 1948 ridden by Sam Parriot.

"Big Valve" 500cc Single Big Valve"Single  Vulcanized GP Tank w/Von Dutch paint from AJ's Daytona Racer
At right,

1999 Hanson Dam. Tom's Ariel Mk II (formerly AJ's personal motorcycle) Won the coveted "Peoples Choice" Award

AJ with Bikes AJ AJ  on Tom's 4 AJ and Tom  
Tom's Cast Iron 4 Tom's prize winning MkII AJ and Ed Kretz Sr AJ and Tom Lorine with Tom's M/C
AJ's Shop AJ's Shop 2 Tom, AJ at El Camino Tom's Bikes AJ. Tom, Hanson Dam
AJ at Hanson Dam Tom with Cast Iron 4 Tom, Triumph engine Mk II engine AJ with Tom's bike
  Hall of Fame induction Ceremony Tom, AJ, Dick Mann  
  AJ, Del Kuhn April 2000, Tom, Wes Drennan, AJ AJ, Wes Drennan, Lorine Stolkowitz  

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