Brochure CoverARIEL 1950

Inside Front Cover of Brochure THE PAGEANTRY of British History and Achievement cherishes many traditions that are-Absolutely Exclusive. In the Cavalcade of Motor Cycling History and Achievement, the name of ARIEL is also integrally associated with that long British Tradition for Craftsmanship which has made Ariel Motor Cycles-Absolutely Exclusive for Performance and Reliability-all over the world.

Square Four (Mark I)

Square Four 1000 c.c.

Square Four Engine

Surman Family

Surman family of South Australia

Red Hunter Twin 500c.c.

Deluxe Twin 500c.c.

Overhead Valve 500c.c.

Overhead Valve 500 c.c.

Deluxe O.H.V. 500c.c.

Overhead Valve 350c.c.

Side Valve

Deluxe Side Valve 600c.c.

Ariel Factory

ARIEL MOTORS LIMITED, Selly Oaks, Birmingham, 29 England

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