Tom Stolkowitz's  650 c.c. Triumph Street Racer and 600cc Pushrod Square Four

built by A.J. LEWIS

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50 pound bronze flywheel balanced and polished and polished bob weights.
Entire crank assembly polished.  Aluminum push rods. Rocker arms lightened by about 40% and highly polished.
Head with valves Head
Connecting rods weighed, balanced and highly polished. Special 2" radius followers.  Cylinders plus .040. Engine runs 8.5 to 1 compression.
Head Carb
Head ported and polished. Intake and exhaust valves oversized (valve heads 1 9/16" diameter).   All Custom Carburetor Assembly and remote float system.
Engine Engine (front)
Custom manifold mounting bracket.

The tops of carbs made to handle " return springs. 2 remote DeLLorto float bowls with Amal 276 1 1/16" carbs.

Dual float bowl brackets and remote DeLLorto float bowls.

Dual carburetor intake manifold. Fuel banjo at base of carburetors feeds both and equalizes flow to each.

 Installed Harmon and Collins No. 9 magnum cams. Timing 45-75-75-45 with .376 lift. Special competition Lucas magneto ignition.

Other components

Unit construction 500 c.c. valve guides

Ariel Mark II valve top caps, springs, retainers and keepers.

S. & W. progressively wound valve springs.


(Triumph engine at right. shown with cam timing degree wheel.)


Completed Motorcycle

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